Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The tin lady

Ok so I have gotten a little crazy with my bead storage lately and had to share the neat finds I found the other day. I normally use snap and seal plastic boxes because I don't have a set area for storing my stuff and it ends up being packed into a backpack to stay safe from my kids knocking things over and such but lately I have moved to a new stoarage system.
Mike got some peppermint bark last year for Christmas, I thought the tin was way to cute so I kept it. About a month ago, I needed another storage box for some new beads I bought so I grabbed the tin and the rest is history.

And then my coworker was cleaning out her desk and was going to throw away her altoids tins, nope they came home with me along with another tin of cheese straws someone else brought in.

But the neatest ones I found are the smackers coke container, it came with 5 lip glosses so I talked my daughter into buying it with me, she got lip gloss, I got the cool tin. Then I found the Willy Wonka suitcase tins at the dollar store and heaven, bought one of each!

So I will be on the lookout in the new year for cool new tins to add to my bead storage collection!


Anne said...

It's always fun to have upbeat, cheerful containers to store crafty supplies in! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Fifi Flowers said...

FUN tins!