Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yes that's right, my ornaments are FINISHED! And what, pray tell, do 53 hand made beaded ornaments look like you ask? Well they look like this.

Ok so they are in the tin because I really can't stand looking at them at this moment (and because I have become a collector of tins lately and love stashing my beadwork in them.) I needed something to keep them out of my sight! It seems like all I have done for the last few weeks is make ornaments. I did pull out a few so you can see them better.

I also finished my mother in law and sister's amethyst necklace/ bracelet sets today. They are the same so I only took pictures of one. (ok ok I forgot to take pictures and wrapped one set before I realized it lol it is 1:34 am right now!)

So all that is left now is to pick up two gift cards and ship tomorrow morning. Mike will be doing that before he goes to work at noon.
Oh and we still have to wrap presents for our kids. That will be fun this year. I scored big time today when we finished shopping. Mervyn's has about 8 days left before they shut their doors forever. I have already experienced this sadness once as they closed in Oregon a long time ago. I love Mervyn's sales. Something is always 60 or 70% off and the clothes are a lot better quality then shopping cheap. I am not one who buys name brand but Dickies jeans last a lot longer on my 8 year old son than the cheap jeans from Wal-mart and Target and if I can get them for the same price, I am going for the Dickies!
While I am sad and praying for all the employees who will be left without jobs, this came at a good time for us this year.
We were still wearing shorts to school a few weeks ago. I love the weather here. But we had to pull out the pants and long sleeve tops and low and behold, everything from last year is a few inches too short! The girls can manage but my poor son just won't wear capris! LOL The kids are loaded with new clothes now, I even got my husband some south pole jeans for $14! I think it is going to be a good Christmas and the first one I can proudly say I am ready for! No wrapping presents all night Christmas eve, WOOOHOOO!