Friday, December 5, 2008

Great day, photos are up and I have new earrings on the way!

LOL I just got so carried away I posted this blog blank the first time! I was working on getting my photos up tonight on this blog and I realized that I am much better at making jewelry then photographing it. I would have to say that it is a little harder to do where I am because I hardly ever get overcast days. I am in San Jose so the sun is always out. Great for me, bad for my photos. I did manage to get a few ok ones, a better camera definitely helps. I hope you get a chance to check them out. The link is on the right under my photos.
My website will be up and running by after Christmas I have decided. If you see something you like and or want in my photos or something you would like to have made, e-mail me about it and I may be able to squeeze it in. There are a few more presents I need to work on and also I am making ornaments for my co-workers this year. Not fancy ones but snowflakes in different styles and maybe some simple but pretty ornament covers.
Plus I need to help my loving daughter finish her Egypt project this week. I am off to Wal-mart tomorrow for plain white fabric, puff paint, cardstock and gold spray paint. I wanted to do some beading with her but with my unexpected drive to Oregon and back this last week, that is not going to happen.
Speaking of Oregon I am including some random shots from our trip home. My five year old rode with me and she took over 150 photos on our way home! Don't ask where exactly other than I-5 between Lebanon and where I got onto I-505! Except for the bird chasing shots and the snowy mountain as she calls it. That is a Weed airport and the snowy mountain is Mt. Shasta.
New earrings. I have to talk about this because I am so excited! I won a pair of earrings in the 12 days of BAO holiday giveaway.
They are giving away a different item for twelve days made by different artists. There are a few days left so go check them out and leave a comment. I will be getting Snowball Earrings created by juiceglass from day five! My husband thought I was going nuts when I got the e-mail, I was making so much noise.
Now for pictures, and there are two more I know where they were taken, one of my dad and Jordan and one of my sister and Jordan at my moms house.