Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Halfway there

Ok I am about halfway done with making Christmas ornaments for my coworkers. Wow this was a big undertaking. I don't know if I mentioned this or not but I work in two departments so that means I am making 50 ornaments. Yep, you read it right 50. I have right around 25 done. I cheated a little bit and bought three kits of snowflake ornaments. Each one is supposed to make 14. It came with plastic beads, just not my style so I am having fun making each one unique from my stash of beads. It has really helped with my time being able to get them worked up so quick. And it came with these cool little stoppers to put on the end so I don't have to wrap each one. They are short so it would have really been a challenge but they were the only forms I could find on such short notice. Ordering online would not have gotten them here on time.
I also still need to make my sisters and mother in laws necklaces tomorrow night in order to get them shipped by Thursday morning. Tomorrow morning I am set to finish my shopping while the kids are in school. Then of course we get to work in wrapping time too!
Ugh this list is daunting! I need a nap just reading it. Ok back to work on more ornaments. I will post some pics if/when I ever get them finished!
Oh some good news too and I have to give some link love to Margot Potter, the impatient crafter. I am the lucky winner of a wonderful set of beads from her blog. YAY, getting beads in any way is always a great way to make my day! Check her out at (sorry my links aren't working for some reason so you will have to cut and paste but trust me, well worth checking out!) She also has some great crafty quickies on her site. I have learned everything on my own so its a great resource to learn proper techniques.