Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nothing to do......

That is a weird thought for me, I have nothing to do today. Oh sure the usual things, light house work, making dinner etc. Thanks to my odd work schedule, Friday thru Tuesday, I get to have an extra day off to make up for Christmas day. I really wanted Friday off but seniority rules in my office so here I am, home today with nothing to do. I have been so overwhelmed getting ready for Christmas that my to do list has been pages long. I can't believe I have finished! All my ornaments are made, Christmas presents are bought, wrapped and hidden till Christmas eve. Its just us this year so I will be doing just a simple dinner, ham and homemade scalloped potatoes and a fruit tray from Costco.
We have missed Santa twice this year at Christmas in the park. The first time was a day before he got there. The second time we went, we had dinner first and got to the line at 9:05, they closed it at 9:00. We will be trying again Christmas Eve as my dh works tonight and tomorrow during the day. This time we are going straight to Santa then out for Pizza at our favorite pizza place, Pizza Chicago! YUM-O. We will be making cookies tomorrow morning too.
But today is nothingness! This will give me a chance to finish up some UFO's (unfished objects), play with my goodies I got from Margot Potter, the impatient crafter, and maybe even get some items made to post on my site for sale finally. I will even be able to let the munchkins outside since it is not raining and not to cold which means uninterrupted work time!