Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beady Blast from the past

My co worker mentioned a few weeks ago she had been given some old beads from someone cleaning out their house a few years back. She knows I am bead crazy so when she came across them, she asked me if I liked them and said she would bring them to me.
I was absolutely thrilled when I opened the bag she brought me today and found this inside.

I have always wanted to buy some older beads just to have. The packaging is neat, the prices crazy and it's just cool to have a piece of bead history. These packages have been sitting in someone's attic for years. The dates on the packages that have writing are all in the 60's. I have only known beads to come in plastic tubes, all of these are glass with corks. They have been untouched for so long that the cork actual broke off of the tops of a few as I was trying to open them.

Here are a few pics of the packaging that I think is just grand to have!

The 19 cent bulges.

29 cents for these pearly pink beads (only in my dreams! How I wish beads where still this cheap, I would be in heaven!)

The back of the package with the copyright date.

This one is my favorite packaging so I had to include a picture.

I will be making my co-worker a badge holder for bringing these to me, I want to include some of the beads from this stash so I will post a picture of her thank you gift when I get it complete!
Now I am off to finish dinner and tomorrow is set aside for finishing presents and getting Christmas cards finished. I have my scarves complete but I need to make ornaments for my co-workers (like fifty so nothing impressive but at least thoughtful!) I also have two bracelet/necklace combos that need to be done but I don't have the gemstones for those. I plan on shipping next Wednesday the 17th so I have a little bit of time. Wish I would have had them all done last week when I had to drive to Oregon. Oh well.