Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Coma

Happy Thanksgiving! Most of our day has gone off without a hitch but the Turkey was a little dry. It was bigger than I normally get (20 pounder this year!) cuz I wanted lots of leftovers and it dried out cooking but at least it was still tasty. Also my bro in law and his family is broke down on their way from southern Cal. They are moving back to Oregon so they were going to stop in today. At least we are close so my hubby is on his way to pick them up and hopefully he can get the car started for them. He drove a tow truck for a while and did service calls so cross your fingers that he can get them going so they can make it back here to our house at least.
My kids are in my bed watching a movie, I am hoping they will crash soon. I need to get to bed early. 3:30 meeting time to hit Kohl's and then Target with a friend. I sat down a minute ago to check my email and when I turned around a few minutes later, I saw my dear Gizmo kicked back in a turkey coma! He didn't even flinch when I took his picture.

He got some turkey munchies while I was cleaning the bones off tonight to make stock. Best part of Thanksgiving is turkey noodle soup tomorrow night. YUM-O

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am happy to say that I have actually completed a couple more Christmas presents done yesterday and today.

I made this ornament from the free directions at Bead and button . I couldn't find the 60mm bugle beads so I had to use the 24mm that my LBS had. I think it turned out really neat looking and I am going to dip it in floor wax to harden it as soon as I get out and pick some up.

I made this flat spiral bracelet for my oldest daughter. Gotta love trickery, it fits her perfectly because I told her I was making it for my sister and wanted to check on her wrist to see if it fits cuz I think their wrists are close in size!

This set is for one of my dearest friends that I have made since I moved to San Jose. She is a huge Colts fan but I forgive her for that but at least I know she will love the colors!
Now on to start my sisters scarf while I finish up this weeks Life on Mars.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My spoils (and a little bit of motherly pride!)

It's parent teacher conference this week for all three of my kids. We started early this morning (7:30 on my day off ugh!) but it was well worth it. We had such an early time because my son is in speech therapy and we have to be able to meet with teacher, therapist and principal. I was thrilled to hear such a good report on him. He has struggled immensely with school partly due to his speech and partly due to being ADHD. We changed the medication he was on over the summer and it has been a 180 turn around. I hate the fact that he has to be on meds but I know that his ADHD disrupts his life to the point where he can't function at school, in a group of people or at home. I remember back to Kindergarten before he was diagnosed, we were at the school every day to pick him up because he would cry, run from the room, hide under a table, etc.
This conference, we were told how courteous Colby has become, how helpful he is to other students and what a pleasure he is to have in class. I was most proud when they told me they have watched him multiple times initiate problem solving on the playground instead of the typical no it has to be my way fighting that you typically see. A little more work on his speech, reading and penmanship and we will be all set. I am so proud of him! I hope both my daughter's go as well tomorrow.
Now on to my spoils.

My local Dollar tree has gotten a huge shipment of lion brand fur yarns. These are about $5-8 at my local craft stores so I am thrilled to get such a good deal! I had to pull up some videos on you tube to remember how to knit, it's been a while, but I have managed to make two scarfs this past week for gifts so I should be good to get the rest done and shipped in time for Christmas. YAY!

My next stop was to my LBS. We got there at 10 but they didn't open till 11 so it was off to make a payment at the dentist, then a quick stop at Michaels to pick up the Dec. Bead and Button. I know, I just need to order it but we don't have an outgoing mail slot at our apartment and I always forget. It is on my Christmas list now so I will be good for the next issue. Then it was back to the LBS. I am dying to make some flat spiral bracelets as gifts too so I had to get some bigger beads.

Most of my stash is 11/0s.
My DH came in and even got a couple things himself.

He occasionally beads with me but it is few and far between. I of course love it cuz I get all the stuff he buys and never uses all off! I really like the maroonish color he picked, not something I would have bought myself but I am sure I will be snagging some for something eventually!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dumping gournd yeilds treasures untold!

Or we could call this post, I cleaned my desk yet again! My family strongly believes that during the week while I am at work, the best place to put anything they don't want lost is my desk. Of course this generally means we lose most of it. I have tried very hard to break them of this habit but it has become a test of wills! I just found my desk trays that I used when I was in school to keep old papers close but organized so I am going to give them each a slot and hopefully that will help with staying organized.

I do my bead work at my desk so most nights lately I have been not doing any because I have no room to work. With Christmas coming up so quickly, I really need to get on the ball to make a few gifts in time to send back to family in Oregon.
Here is an interesting list of things I found at my desk while cleaning today.
Bubbles, a missing package of ear wires, a few pieces of jewelry my daughter has broke and of course knows I can fix, both my missing camera batteries (wooohooo!), a missing earring I made and thought I lost in the car and five pairs of scissors. I also found my husbands missing SF Giants bracelet that I made him.

Neater than that, I found my very first piece of loomwork that I made, on a loom that is. The first piece I did was done with the warp threads taped to my mothers coffee table. That piece is long gone but I thought it was pretty cool to find this one again, I haven't seen it in ages.

I would say this piece was made at least 13 years ago, I used a thick string for the warp threads, sewing thread to string on the beads and the beads came from the cheap mix that walmart sold way back then. I wore it for a really long time, I am surprised that it never broke but it definitely great to have to be able to look back and see how far I have come. I am so glad that I got back into beading.

Friday, November 7, 2008


That's right, 12. My oldest daughter turned twelve on the 6th. Pre-teen and yes the attitude has already started! But like all things, we will live through it.

Here's the birthday girl talking to family back in Oregon.

She is constantly eyeing my stash of finished jewelry and hinting about which items she likes so she got some of her favorite pieces. It was nice to see her light up when she realized they were for her since she watched me make them!

And her blowing out her candles, I thought she was gonna set off the fire alarm, there was a ton of smoke!
So here is to a year of emotional ups and downs of a pre-teen. Pray for our survival!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

We had a wet and windy trick or treating session last night. The kids had a ton of fun and got way more candy then they need but it's only once a year right?

Jordan was so excited with her haul she couldn't help but show it off, Tori had to make her peace sign in the background, I remember going thru that phase! She went as Cleopatra this year.

My son Colby made a great cop and Mike went as "Grandpa", he was in his referee uniform at the beginning of the night and looked really cool but he wears it all the time so didn't think it was fun to walk around in.

The best pic of the night award goes to Colby, he didn't realize I was watching him!