Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dumping gournd yeilds treasures untold!

Or we could call this post, I cleaned my desk yet again! My family strongly believes that during the week while I am at work, the best place to put anything they don't want lost is my desk. Of course this generally means we lose most of it. I have tried very hard to break them of this habit but it has become a test of wills! I just found my desk trays that I used when I was in school to keep old papers close but organized so I am going to give them each a slot and hopefully that will help with staying organized.

I do my bead work at my desk so most nights lately I have been not doing any because I have no room to work. With Christmas coming up so quickly, I really need to get on the ball to make a few gifts in time to send back to family in Oregon.
Here is an interesting list of things I found at my desk while cleaning today.
Bubbles, a missing package of ear wires, a few pieces of jewelry my daughter has broke and of course knows I can fix, both my missing camera batteries (wooohooo!), a missing earring I made and thought I lost in the car and five pairs of scissors. I also found my husbands missing SF Giants bracelet that I made him.

Neater than that, I found my very first piece of loomwork that I made, on a loom that is. The first piece I did was done with the warp threads taped to my mothers coffee table. That piece is long gone but I thought it was pretty cool to find this one again, I haven't seen it in ages.

I would say this piece was made at least 13 years ago, I used a thick string for the warp threads, sewing thread to string on the beads and the beads came from the cheap mix that walmart sold way back then. I wore it for a really long time, I am surprised that it never broke but it definitely great to have to be able to look back and see how far I have come. I am so glad that I got back into beading.