Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Coma

Happy Thanksgiving! Most of our day has gone off without a hitch but the Turkey was a little dry. It was bigger than I normally get (20 pounder this year!) cuz I wanted lots of leftovers and it dried out cooking but at least it was still tasty. Also my bro in law and his family is broke down on their way from southern Cal. They are moving back to Oregon so they were going to stop in today. At least we are close so my hubby is on his way to pick them up and hopefully he can get the car started for them. He drove a tow truck for a while and did service calls so cross your fingers that he can get them going so they can make it back here to our house at least.
My kids are in my bed watching a movie, I am hoping they will crash soon. I need to get to bed early. 3:30 meeting time to hit Kohl's and then Target with a friend. I sat down a minute ago to check my email and when I turned around a few minutes later, I saw my dear Gizmo kicked back in a turkey coma! He didn't even flinch when I took his picture.

He got some turkey munchies while I was cleaning the bones off tonight to make stock. Best part of Thanksgiving is turkey noodle soup tomorrow night. YUM-O