Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I need a vacation.......

I know, I just got back last week but we were only gone two days. It has taken me a week to get everything caught back up. Plus I had to finish working on my instructions for the beaded Chinese Lantern which are now posted! It is my first pattern uploaded to the site by me! Totally exciting!
On to other news, our trip was hit and miss. We had to switch hotels. Mike called before I made reservations and asked about pets. They said no problem we are pet friendly. I booked online for a better deal, nothing about pets on the site except it says pet friendly. When we got there to check in, $20 extra a night for Gizmo to stay with us! Now since we called and they didn't say that when Mike was talking to them about it, we didn't stay. Went down to Motel 6 where it was cheaper to begin with and Gizmo stayed free. I really wouldn't have minded paying if they would have said so on the phone before we booked but hey, I guess I won't make that mistake again. The things you learn being first time pet owners.
It was rainy and stormy on our first night. We went down to the beach at sunset and got to see some lightning from the car over the ocean after dark. That was pretty.
Went back to the hotel room and ordered pizza and played games. I am the new Yahtzee queen in my house. 6 (yes 6, S-I-X) Yahtzee's in one game!
Tuesday morning Colby woke up sick but after throwing up only once, wouldn't stay home so we trekked through the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
My favorite part is seeing the jelly fish.

The sardines that made Cannery Row famous.

My little mermaids.

The penguino's that JoJo is crazy about.

My little trooper.

He made it 3/4's of the way before he started to feel sick again. He slept for a while and felt better so we headed back to the beach. This time we got some great sunset pictures.

Then back home the next day.
I also made a decision to start selling my jewelry online. I decided to go with freewebs because they have the best options for the online store for the free sites that I looked at. Really thought about using ETSY but I am still a little anxious about posting there. I will make my official announcement of my "store" being open once I get a chance to photograph my merchandise.