Saturday, February 14, 2009

Packing to ship... and a bald dog.

I am so excited that all of my winners have gotten back to me for OWOH. This was such a great experience. I am already looking forward to next year!
3 of my 4 winners are overseas so I wanted to make sure I found something I could send their prizes in that would keep it nice and safe for the long journey. I went to Target with the goal to find some cute little Valentine's heart tins.

I found these cute little padded jewelry boxes instead and had to get them! So now everything is packaged and addressed and will be sent Tuesday since Monday is a holiday here and post offices are closed.

I also finally got my Bead a Day Calendar from Not impressed. Their 5-15 days shipping took over 30. (I ordered a cell phone battery from E-bay the same day and the guy shipped from China, I had it in a week!) Couldn't get a live person to talk to and my e-mail response said they needed me to verify shipping address before they would look into anything. Considering I copied and pasted the shipping info into the e-mail I sent them, don't you think I would have noticed if the address was wrong?

On to another note. We have been having a problem with fleas. Gizmo's hair was so thick we couldn't get the stupid little bugs to die with flea shampoo. Flea collar was no help and the drops on his back were just not getting through his hair. After a few flea baths, we ended up with mats in his hair. Deciding to get 2 birds with 1 stone, we took him in and told them to shave him down. He hardly looks like himself!

This is him saying "Mama, how could you do this to me?"

Now what are the consequences of shaving a long haired dog? He shivers, constantly. Not good when we are planning a trip to Monterey Bay on Monday for a few nights. Off to Petsmart we went. Second time he has been in there, the first was the day after we got him when he was still a scardy dog and he coward in the cart. OMG he went nuts with all the smells in that place! We even managed to find him a jacket on clearance that is adorable!

I even found a flea bomb to set off for when we are gone. Die you stupid, biting little buggies! Ha Ha Ha Ha!


Anonymous said...

Trust me, having been around a long-haired dog with the same issue, he is happier this way. Sure, he's cold, but he's not itching.

I have had a house infested, and dammit, you do what you have to to kill the little invaders! It's your territory! Your bald dog! May the little invaders die screaming!


Jax said...

He does seem much happier now, and he is staying cleaner. The flea bomb seemed to have worked great! We even got him some of the flea stuff to rub down his back again, now that we can get to his back.
Though we did have to get him his own blanket for his bed to keep him warm at night!

Anonymous said...

Glad it all worked. Poor baby. And, he's low to the ground so the fleas don't have to work so hard to get to him. He's a cute little guy, though.

Cheryl said...

We have been having a flea problem with our cat. I think we might now have it under control. Your puppy looks so cute.

BTW - I recieved my wonderful prize from you yesterday. Thank you so very much. I am sure to enjoy those earrings.

Jax said...

They are pesky little buggers! We are finally getting used to him with no hair and it was so worth it to not have the fleas anymore!
I am glad you got your earrings and that you like them.