Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

Ok so one was a little monkey and the other was a daddy monkey. But you can guess which one fell of and while she didn't bump her head, she did break an arm.

Here she is in her sparkly pink cast, and of course, no one can help her do anything!

We didn't get a cast yesterday when we went in because she broke the radius bone and it was bowed out a bit. We met with an Orthopedic surgeon this morning and thankfully, he gave the ok to cast it without having to put her under to reset the bone or to pin it.
We go back in two weeks for x-ray's to make sure it set correctly and for a new cast if it did.
She is upset that she can't ride her scooter or play on Colby's skateboard. And the sling is driving her nuts!


Corrine said...

My daughter had a pink cast just like this one...except not as big. It drove her mad as well. Has the necklace arrived yet? It can't be far away.