Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going away present and a new language.

Ok not a new language but you know that saying "Use it or lose it"? Well I lost it. I took two years of Spanish in high school and I could hold a simple conversation. I still remember a few phrases but I have been wanting to relearn what I have forgotten. I looked at buying Rossetta Stone because I have heard great things about it but it is way way out of my price range. I found a free site online called Livemocha and I am two lessons into Spanish 101. You can pay for premium content and get a little more but this is working good for now. Cool thing is that your work you submit for grading is peer reviewed and you can review other peoples work in return. It's fun so far. I even learned how to make ñ! Yay! BTW you hold down the alt key and on your number pad to the right type 164 for lower case and 165 for upper.
Now for the going away. No it's not me. One of my coworker's took a job in Virgina and her last day was yesterday. I made her the coolest going away present. She is an amazing person and I am going to really miss her so I wanted to give her something special.

Ok so the picture is a little blurry. I had to take it on my phone because I forgot to take it before I gave it to her.
Can you guess the theme? Go ahead, take your time. I will wait.

Twilight you say??? Yay for you, that is exactly right!!!
Ok ok yes it is kinda cheesy but my entire office has read and loves the Twilight saga. She loved the bracelet and even better it was a blast to come up with all the extra charms to go with the Wolfe charm from Jacob and the heart from Edward.
It also looks like this is a big hit and I will be making a few more in the near future.

Now I am off for my busy busy afternoon. I have conferences for both Colby and Jordan today and Jordan gets X-rays this afternoon to make sure her bone set right. Cross your fingers cuz if it didn't, they are going to have to rebreak it and that would not make for a happy Jojo. It's going to be hard enough to convince her to get the new cast on today. She hates it and has been begging for it to come off. At least she hasn't figured to use it as a weapon. Yet anyways!