Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving.

We got our pumpkins carved today! One of my favorite parts of Halloween is getting to carve the pumpkins. I have so many books and patterns printed I can't ever decide which ones to do. We never managed to find the patterns in the garage so we bought a new book today. I know it's cheating but have you seen my garage lately? Yeah its that bad.
Jordan and I tackled the gutting of the pumpkins while Tori and Colby were still at school today. She of course did her one tiny little pumpkin and then promptly ditched me for afternoon cartoons.

And no that is not the one she gutted, hers was softball size.
She did come back for a few minutes and help me poke on some of the pattern.

Tori and Colby made it home and they were much more willing to help.

Here are our finished results. I did the haunted house, Jordan picked the cat which I ended up finishing, Colby did the skull and Tori did the face that kind of looks like the clown from it. I am so excited to set them out tomorrow!