Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hi and Welcome to my blog. This is something I have been meaning to do for a while and have just never gotten around too. I have been greatly inspired over the last few weeks reading all the wonderful beading blogs out there.
First a little about me. My name is Jackie, all my friends call me Jax. I am married (ten years this coming May) and I have three children, Tori, Colby and Jordan. I just gradutated this past spring from an LVN program and got my license just a few weeks ago, FINALLY! I spent two years doing pre-reqs and am one credit shy of my AA and I did 18 months for my LVN certificate. Then of course there is months of studying for N-CLEX, taking N-CLEX, waiting for N-CLEX results, waiting for license. All I can say is its the prettiest shade of blue I have ever seen!
On to beading history. I made my first loom without a loom piece when I was thriteen. Without a loom means I taped my warp threads to the table and moved them closer as I went ultimitaly creating an anklet with my nickname- Jax. I moved on to working on a real loom but got busy with life as all teenagers do. I worked, w
ent to school and was a teen mom (OMG I know I am a statistic how weird huh? lol).
I grew up in Oregon in a small town in the Willamette Valley all my life. In 2004, my husband, three kids and I picked up and moved to the Bay Area. I was frustrated with school and life, and he wanted to try something new plus his closest friend was here. I was hoping that with more nursing programs in the area, I would have a better shot of getting in a nursing program.
The first place we lived was awful, the landlord was a jerk. The only good part was I met Mary. She brought me back to the beading world. She sells her work at Yosemite National park to help pay the bills, she is retired. Her sister does basking weaving up there if you ever get to visit. I had to learn and so being wonderful that she is she taught me. The rest is bead history.
So now on to my blog name. I was sick from the flu shot last week and sick of being in bed by day two. I spent a few hours on you tube watiching how to beading videos. I learn so many cool things- Auntie's beads has the best ever videos. So I ended up making a
wire wrapped bracelet from some beads I got in a grab bag like four years ago and have been saving since, not sure how to get them together.
I am thrilled with the results. All in all, my day, like my life sometimes, felt unproductively productive!


Unknown said...

Very good wire wraps for a first attempt! Wire wrapping was the second technique I learned when I moved on from the loom.

Welcome to the bloggosphere! You'll love it here, I've met some fantastic people, and have made some friendships that will last a lifetime.
I lol'd @ your statistic comment, I too was a statistic, loooooooong story!

Thanks for visiting me.


GrandmaMarilyn said...

WElcome to the blogging world, jax. Love your bracelet.

Divine Ms M said...

Great website - love the sparkles on the right.

I'm not a wire worker, but I can certainly appreciate the work you've done. Looking forward to more great works.