Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Painted Pumpkin

My wonderful boss Nancy brought us in mini pumpkins for Halloween. I am not talking about the flat squished ones, this is a nice round one like you would carve, only smaller. I brought it home to figure out what to do with it and it has been sitting at my desk mocking me for two weeks. I knew I wanted to try painting it, but what to paint? Last night while surfing the blog world I found this cool Terrorific Tuesday project from My Big Mouth.
I love the saying on the sign she did and new it was a perfect fit for my pumpkin!

Witch parking only, violators will be TOAD!

The side with loops and stars.

The back with more loops and stars.

Couldn't leave out the broom now could I?

I have to say, I am not by any means a painter and I did this all free hand and man it was not easy! I have a newfound respect for people who paint artistic works. I can also understand the love they have for it as even tho it wasn't easy to do, it was SO MUCH FUN! Maybe I will have to have another go at a bigger sign for home since this pumpkin is heading back to work!


Marie S said...

Hey Jax great job on the pumpkin!!
I bought one of those at the store too. They were just so cute!!! Perfect little pumpkins.
Have a great day!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

I can't take complete credit tho,I had seen it on the Womans Day website about a year ago and had to make a sign of my own.
So glad you love it AND your pumpkin turned out FAB!
So loving the metalic paint!

Jax said...

Thanks Marie, I think I need to get some more of them. They are to perfect for Halloween.
I am glad you saw that sign last year Donna and your inspiration became mine. The metallic paint really did make it shine!