Monday, July 27, 2009

Note to Self

I finally sat down tonight to start photographing and measuring things that I have made lately so I can get them listed on my ETSY site. I have learned a few things while doing this so here are my notes to self for next time.
1. Measure the finished length right when you are done.
2. Take a picture or two of the finished piece right when you are done.
3. Make sure you charged your camera battery so you don't have to stop halfway and scramble for your back up battery.
4. Make sure your back up battery is charged too.

I normally make a few things and do photos and stuff together and that is fine for a few items. I have made about 40 pieces since I last took pictures so it was a little labor intensive tonight, not to mention more than half are only measured and not photographed. Plus I still have to photo shop my pictures and get them posted. I am going to be busy this Wednesday!
I also noticed that I have been on a necklace kick lately. I made my mommy in law a clear illusion necklace for her birthday and fell in love with how they turn out.

I need to add some more items to my stock and put the necklace making up for awhile, well at least till I find out if anybody else likes them too!